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Making a stellar e-commerce platform is not easy, even when you use the best e-commerce builders. Getting stuck is common. At such a time, your only hope is the customer support of the respective builder. Hence support should be among the considerations when choosing a builder for your website.

  • Gives you a variety of support options

A good e-commerce site must have the right support. It allows you to get back in business fast if a bug attacks your platform. Luckily, both BigCommerce and Shopify offer excellent customer support. You can chat with their help center on phone, forum, live chat, email, and video tutorial.

But Shopify goes a step further. It offers social media support. When you request for help, Shopify editor directs you to a page on its knowledge center for assistance. It is one of the features that make Shopify rank ahead of BigCommerce when it comes to customer support. Besides, Shopify plus allows you to gain access to its dedicated support agent. Here you will access on-board consultants who will guide you on how to go about any emerging issue.

  • Reliable support – Relevant support pages

Both builders have a good support system, but Shopify beats BigCommerce.  Shopify directs you to relevant support pages for help. Both builders have relevant support pages, but Shopify has social media support which gives it an added advantage.

  • Their prices are unbeatable

This is an important consideration when it gets to choosing a builder for your eCommerce website. No entrepreneur will want to pay more when they can pay less elsewhere.  Both Shopify and BigComerce have a free trial offer. After the expiry of the offer, Shopify will require that you choose any of the three plans that charge between £22.6 and £182 per month.  For Big Commerce, the pricing starts from £22.95/ month. The price increases depending on the enterprise plan you select.


The two builders allow you to upgrade as your business grows. Shopify plus charges £56 per month. It will enable you to enjoy most of the advanced features including a more sophisticated point of sales tools. It is ideal for businesses that make sales of up to £120K annually. For those who are launching their business, Shopify basic will do, but as your business grows, you will need to scale up to Shopify plus where you will be able to sell an unlimited number of products.  Note that Shopify allows you to add third-party apps. The apps increase the monthly costs.