shopify user reviews

When you build an online store, it is necessary that you sell all types of products in your niche. This is a critical feature because it will allow you to diversify your business. It must have top-notch sales features including shipping options.  This article looks at why most e-commerce owners prefer Shopify to BigCommerce.

First, Shopify boasts of an extensive app store. It gives e-commerce owners a wide range of features they can choose from. This does not mean that BigCommerce does not have useful features. It has plenty of built-in functions for the e-commerce platform.

The two builders offer the following standard features:

  • Secure Socate Layer (SSL) certificate- The certificate protects the store and ensures that it safely processes online payments.
  • Powerful Inventory – It helps to truck the stock levels and upload products.
  • Multi-selling – allows the e-commerce website to sell
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery- Any customer who abandons their shopping at the checkout receives an email. It enables those who forgot to complete the transactions to do so.

All these features are important since they make your business legitimate. They help your business earn loyalty, trust and make extra sales. Shopify has an app store that provides you with the advanced tools you need to boost your platform. The apps give you a chance to add anything on your site. The tools are essential if you want to grow your business. Shopify apps will help you manage your business efficiently. It allows you to check on revenue and updated on customers’ orders regularly.

What about payment convenience?

When it comes to payment convenience, Shopify leads the pack. You don’t have to waste time signing up for other payment gateways. Shopify offers its own gateway. It means that you will manage all your money on the dashboard. It saves you on time, effort and transaction fees. But it does not mean that BigCommerce has nothing to offer. It has a smaller app store but has more built-in features than any other store. It features impressive data reporting and zero percent transaction fees. It means that you don’t need the apps because everything is on the dashboard.

Also, BigCommerce is designed to allow you to sell both service-based and digital products. You don’t need an app to sell any of the three types of products. They are all built-in, and so all you need to do is to jump to selling.